McAfee SafeKey: Common Questions


What does SafeKey do?
SafeKey makes accessing your favorite websites on your PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet much easier by entering your login details for you automatically. This means you do not have to worry about remembering complex passwords when you are logged in to your SafeKey account.

SafeKey allows you to:

  • Keep track of only one password: Instead of having to remember passwords for all your websites, you only need to remember your password to SafeKey.
  • Install SafeKey on all your devices: All your information stays in sync between your various devices.
  • Automatically Log in to websites: SafeKey logs in for you, using profiles you created and securely saves your profile information.

How does SafeKey keep my personal information safe?

  • SafeKey uses government-level encryption to protect your sensitive information.
  • Your personal information never travels over the Internet and it never touches our servers. Only the encrypted data does, and it cannot be decoded without your SafeKey password.
  • You can customize your security settings to make the software work the way you want it to.
  • SafeKey includes a feature to help you generate secure, hard-to-guess passwords for all your favorite sites. And because you do not have to remember them, your passwords can be as long and complex as you want.

SafeKey features:

  • Fill in forms automatically: Store personal information such as your address, phone number, credit card numbers, and banking details. Whenever you need to enter your information on a website, just click a few buttons and SafeKey enters your details automatically.
  • Store secure notes: Store data such as bank card PINs, bike lock codes, and passwords for your favorite apps in a secure note. The information can only be accessed when you are logged in to SafeKey.
  • Import or export your login details: Import login details stored in another password manager application or in a file on your computer. Or export anything stored in your SafeKey vault to several different file types.
  • Generate secure passwords: Generate secure passwords for your websites automatically. Customize things like password length and the use of special characters.
  • Use a virtual keyboard: Use your mouse instead of a keyboard to log in to SafeKey. This helps protect your privacy when you are using a public computer and are worried about key logging.
  • Use one-time passwords: Log in to SafeKey using a one-time password. After it is used, the password is no longer valid. This helps protect you on a public computer or network.

SafeKey menu options:

The SafeKey button appears near your search bar in your web browser and opens a menu that allows the following management options:

  • Log Out: Automatically logs you out of SafeKey. You cannot access your usernames, passwords, and personal information until you log in to SafeKey again.
  • My McAfee SafeKey Vault: Shows you all your sites, groups, secure notes, and FormFill profiles.
  • Recently Visited: Allows you to see the last 10 websites you visited with SafeKey. When you click a site, SafeKey takes you to the site and logs you in. Right-click the site name if you want to delete the site from your list, copy your username or password, or edit your login details.
  • My Sites: Shows you a list of every site stored in your SafeKey vault. Sites are grouped according to the category names you create.
  • Secure Notes: Allows you to see all the notes stored in your SafeKey vault, or add a new note.
  • FormFill Profiles: Allows you to see a list of your saved FormFill profiles, or add a new profile.
  • Settings: Allows you to change your security settings, set up hotkeys to access the features you use most, customize your notifications, change your account settings, and access advanced features to help you get the most out of SafeKey.
  • Help: Opens the SafeKey user manual.
  • Tools: Allows you to access useful tools that help you generate a secure password, import your data from another password manager, or export your information. 

You can access all of these menu options by clicking the SafeKey button and logging in.

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