McAfee SafeKey tools overview



McAfee SafeKey comes with tools to help you manage your log in details easily. You can do things like generate a secure password for your websites, add secure notes, and check your password strength.
  1. Click the McAfee SafeKey button in your web browser.
  2. Select from these tools:

    Tool Description
    Generate a secure password Get help creating a secure password for your favorite websites.
    Site Search Find a specific site or secure note in your vault.
    Recheck Page Check the page to see if it is stored in your vault. Some sites use Javascript or Ajax to dynamically show the login form, and SafeKey might not be able to properly fill in your saved login details when you visit a website stored in your vault. Rechecking a page can fix that.
    Refresh Sites Refresh the website if SafeKey is slow to add in your login details, or if you experience any other issue that seems out of the ordinary.
    Import from Import your data from other password management programs.

    If you used a password management program before SafeKey, you do not have to enter everything manually.
    Export to Export the information stored in your vault.

    SafeKey offers several ways to back up and store your McAfee SafeKey. You can export as a CSV File or as an encrypted file (depending on your browser), or transfer your information to your browser's password manager.
    1. Click McAfee SafeKey.
    2. Select Tools, then click Export To.
    3. Choose where you want your data to be exported.
    4. Click Save.
    Print Print your stored sites and secure notes.
    1. Click McAfee SafeKey.
    2. Select Tools and click Print.
    3. Depending on what you want to print, click Sites or click Secure Notes.
    4. Click the arrow next to a column header to sort your information in ascending or descending order.
    5. Click Print.
    Check for Updates Find out if there is a new version of SafeKey.
    Clear Local History Remove any files that were stored while you used SafeKey. This tool is useful if you are on a computer that does not belong to you.
    Check Password Strength Review the passwords in your vault to see how your security level ranks on a scale of zero to 100 and learn how you can improve your security.
    Other Sessions See if you left SafeKey open on another device, and view the IP addresses that have recently accessed SafeKey.
    About Find basic information about SafeKey including the plugin version number, the build type, and more.
    Add Site Add a site to your vault, manually.

    NOTE: After you log in to your favorite website, SafeKey prompts you to add your username and password to your vault.
    Add Secure Note SafeKey lets you store your private information safely in a secure note.

    You can think of secure notes as a digital notepad. Write down things like bank account numbers, government ID numbers for your family, passport numbers, safe combinations, bike lock codes, and anything else you want to store safely.

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